Loose Horse

It’s one of every horse owner’s top nightmares:  Your horse is not where you left him.  He’s LOOSE!

This could be one of several scenarios:

  • You fell off the horse and now he’s running free
  • Your are leading, grooming, or somehow handling your horse in the barn and he somehow slips free of you.
  • You come to the barn in the morning to find that your horse is missing from his pasture or stall.

What do you do?

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Back in the Saddle

cropped-stretchlove.jpgThe Horse World is an interesting place, and the horse business is a very rough business.  You have to be tough, dedicated, resilient and (seemingly) rich to make it in the horse world.

I have been involved with horses now for over 30 years.  I periodically take a break from it, but I always come back.  Now is one of those times.

I had my own riding lesson business (SnapDragon Stables) for almost 6 years, then about two years ago I gave up on it.  Like I said, the horse business is rough.  I was broke, exhausted and found myself starting to dislike horses.  So I took a break.

But I miss teaching.  It’s my passion.  And I love horses.  Though the work was tough, and the money was almost nothing (when you figure in overhead such as hay, vet, farrier, and barn lease costs), I’m itching to get back into business.  It’ll be different this time around.  It has to be. But luckily I’ve learned from my mistakes.  And I hope that I can help others learn from my mistakes as well.

The purpose of this blog is to share some of my knowledge.  Things I’ve learned while in business and from a lifetime with horses.  I encourage anyone reading this to ask questions, make suggestions for future posts, etc…