Shedding Shenanigans

Though you wouldn’t know it today (the blizzard of 2017 hit today), spring is less than a week away.  I have 7 shaggy ponies in the barn, all beginning to loose their winter coats and boy is it a mess!

I love spring.  I love how winter dies and everything starts to bloom, the grass starts to turn green, the days become longer and the air is warmer.  And while I love sleek, summer coated horses, I HATE the shedding process with a vengeance.  It will be weeks of hitting each and every horse with a shedding blade until I can officially declare them “shed out.” Meanwhile, the hair clings to everything.

In the last week I’ve come home every day coated in horse hair.  I’ve swallowed horse hair and I’ve inhaled horse hair.  I’ve gotten horse hair in my eyes, and I’ve even pulled some out of my ears (don’t ask).

Looking at the horses before grooming, they don’t look that fuzzy.  Sure, they’re a little more fluffy than they were last September, but they’re not wholly mammoths (well, not all of them).  After just 10 minutes with a shedding blade, it’s possible to get a mini’s worth of hair off of them, and you’re nowhere near done!  Ugh!

I’ve seriously contemplated just clipping my herd.  And perhaps in the coming weeks I will.  Clipping during shedding season gets it all done at once, in a matter of hours.  You still end up covered in horse hair, but at least then it’s done till next year (or the fall if you decide to keep your horse clipped year round).  However, today’s weather is exactly why I won’t clip the herd for a few more weeks.  The weather lately has been 70 degrees one day, then a blizzard like today.  I prefer not to blanket the horses if I can help it and clipping them means they will need blankies if it gets (or stays) cold.  So I will wait.  And continue to ingest my daily serving of horse hair.



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